The bright side

Life can be dark.giggle

Extreme religious beliefs cause so much hate in someone that they bomb people cheering each other on at a marathon. A lost, loner walks into a classroom and ends the lives of those who are just getting started. There are wars, there is hunger and not to mention our own personal miseries and stresses. So, how do we rise above it all? How do we not get consumed by darkness long enough to search out the silver linings?

The good news is that with strife comes beauty. People find joy, happiness and even humour and these discoveries keep us going forward to whatever lies beyond the next challenge or triumph. I am 30 years old and my twenties were a gong show. There were tears, heartbreaks, knives in backs, rejection and more rejection, broken bones and huge hangovers. But even in the darkest of my days, I found something to smile, or even better laugh, about. And that saved me. I am convinced.

This blog is me choosing the bright side. I won’t let my past scars overshadow my past victories and memories. I won’t let bullies, strife or negativity shadow the light this world holds in comedy, in travel and in the small things that make me giggle on a daily basis.

Here I hope to share my day to day joy for my favourite things. Comedy, television, music, literature, inspiration and things that make me smile. Through these posts I hope to brighten your day and make you think about the things in your life that bring you joy to you too. Let the journey to brighter days begin here.


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