Life Lesson from Television: Have a little faith!

I am SO extremely excited that today is the beginning of scripted television season, my favourite time of the year. I have lamented on and on about my love of the television arts in previous blog posts! And now I want to put my passion to work on this blog by doing a post every night about my dear friend televisions. Offering a review, a life lesson gained from the screen or a rant!

Monday, September 23 – Life Lesson from How I Met Your Mother


Ted Mosby is a super annoying dork who is an unrelenting believer in love. No matter how much love has kicked his ass over the last nine season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted’s belief in his soul mate never waivers. And poor Ted has weathered a lot; he has been left at the alter, dealt with plenty of psychos on the way and now his best friend is marrying the girl he has been chasing for years. But the great thing about this comedy is that Ted’s life would be an all out tragedy, if it were not for the hope of the Mother in that title and in the narration. No matter how much bullshit we see Ted go through, we know that somewhere out there is the Mother, THE only woman who could accept self-righteous, pretentious, cheesy, optimistic Ted Mosby and his happily ever after.

Today was the beginning of the last season of How I Met Your Mother and we finally get to meet the Mother! And we have not even seen them face to face much yet, but with the brilliantly written hints and the first meeting with Ted’s best friend Lily, these amazing writers have already begun to show us that Ted Mosby is about to find his “someone”. I am so incredibly excited to see this journey through with Ted, Lilly, Marshall, Barney and Robin… and now in season 9, FINALLY, the mother!

Today I learned from Ted Mosby to have a little faith. Ted could have easily fallen back on to bad habits and bombed Robin and Barney’s wedding but he chose to let go of the past and to instead make a promise to himself to believe in a better future.  This is an important life lesson for me because I totally get where Ted is, at Barney and Robin’s wedding. And I know it is just a crazy sitcom but knowing how close Ted is to finding the love of his life, as he is about to lose Robin to Barney for good and be heartbroken once again, is exhilaratingly hopeful. And this heart of mine is in dire need of hope. So, thank you TV! I love you!

See you tomorrow night.

PS- On Friday, I am going to talk about my favourite and least favourite new shows this season!