How to survive being a loner…

note to selfThe most important survival tip for loners is you have to be a fan of your own company. Your entertainment and livelihood is in your own hands and the majority of your life’s purpose. The fact that no one is perfect can make the loner’s circumstances quite a challenging balancing act. There will inevitably be days where you won’t be able stand your own company. There will be days you feel utterly restless in your own skin. Sometimes, these days can turn into long stretches where life seems to be a hopeless, endless pit of sinking sand that you constantly have to trudge through day in and out just to live your life in survival mode. And survival mode brings bitterness and bitterness closes so many doors.

Lucky for us, there are days when things get shaken up for the good or the bad and life will push you to a new challenge and a new game, for you the sole player, to navigate on your own again and maybe, if you are lucky there will a break or two, sometimes even disguised as a good person, to make things easier along the way.

The loner’s journey can be long and lonely but it can also be deep in richness of courage, adventure and a lifelong development of unconditional self-love. So while it maybe your instinct to hide away when things get tough, more treasure lies in getting dressed and getting out there to seize whatever life has in store next.


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