A family that laughs together…

ImageComedy, much like most things in life, is subjective. What one person finds funny, another will find mediocre or even annoying. My father and I, although we have much in common, live on opposite ends of the comedy taste spectrum. He likes sitcoms like Two & Half Men and Big Bang Theory and I think they are the worst shows on television because of their cheap and predictable jokes. He thinks my favourite shows like The Office, Community and New Girl aren’t laugh out loud funny but my snorting laughter blares loudly with objections. We also have strongly different opinions about Will Ferrell. I think the man is comedic gold because he can make you laugh by having a look on his face or the way he says just a few words, while my Dad thinks he is nothing more than an overrated goof (that is my opinion of Charlie Sheen, pops!)

I think because we come from two different prospective when it comes to comedy, it is even more magical when there are a few special times when someone or something is so spectacularly hilarious that my Dad and I laugh at the same thing. This week, my side of the comedy war had a few wins on our hands thanks to Anchorman 2 and Loose Moose Theatre (which to my horror my Dad is not a fan of). I won’t spoil anything about Anchorman 2 but I can tell you that there were some truly funny things that had my Dad and me laughing in harmony. And tonight Gorilla Theatre at Loose Moose was stacked with great talent that delivered scenes that had my Dad, my cousin from California and I in a Marston symphony of giggles and even inspired my Dad to offer this awkwardly backhanded compliment to the Loose Moose players, “I usually hate Loose Moose but tonight you guys were great!” *This is when I wanted to Moonwalk my way out of this situation.

I want to thank my Dad and the rest of my family for being open to indulge me in my version of what I think is funny by checking out Loose Moose and SNL skits I force at you, and I promise I will try do the same for you, not in like in that I will ever watch an episode of Two & Half Men but if you have a funny youtube video or something… send it over and I will check it out. I would also like to thank my family for being an amazing source of comedy that I have been storing away all my life, I have no excuse to not write, you have given me material for life and made me such a weirdo. Much love.

One of my goals for 2014 is to pursue my dream of writing comedy, even if that is in my evenings and weekends with a pad of paper in café. Because laughter keeps me hopeful, moves me forward and inspires me… and with my words I hope to pay it homage. I hope my Dad will think some of it is funny.


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