Exploring the creative process with the voices inside my head


So my new year’s resolution to pursue more creative work in my free time has been coming along pretty well.

For a few years now I have thought that I needed a writing partner to collaborate with, when it came to my comedic writing process. This past year that idea seemed to be reaffirmed when I took comedy writing workshops at Loose Moose and Second City, most of the time it is easier when you had someone to riff your ideas off.

In 2014, I thought I would try to form a weekly meet-up group for sketch comedy writing classes. The first meeting was held on a blistery -30 degree day and only one kind soul decided to show up. I went over my workshop notes and we tried to brainstorm short premises and sketches but the truth is we were just not jiving. It was probably because he did not get any of my television references because he didn’t have cable; and I did not get his Star Trek and World of Warcraft scene ideas because that just ain’t how I roll.

To be honest I was discouraged, this was not the first time things didn’t work out with a potential writing partner. To be fair I am looking for someone as obsessed with comedy and writing as much as I am and then I am expecting some kind of magical chemistry to just appear, before all the amazing work does. I came to the stunning realization that much like traveling and experiencing other joys in life, I could not spend my time waiting for a partner just to go through with it. If I was going to write, I was going to forge ahead on my own. I have spent the last two weeks writing my sketch play alone and to be honest, I feel more driven to write than I have felt in ages.

I have always been a bit of a weirdo. I make entire people, conversations and situations in my head all day long. I did that in school and when my mind wanders at work now, it is still what I am doing. When I used to take the train to my downtown job I would make up back-stories for my fellow Ctrain commuters. When I worked in retail, I would write the inner dialogue of the customers on receipt paper. For as long as I can remember there has been a constant dialogue running through my brain, so why couldn’t I take those conversations and put them to paper on my own? I am not sure! But I have spent two weeks staying up until 2 am every night, playing with the voices in my head. Sitting alone in my apartment, saying my lines of dialogue streaming through my head out loud. In this week I have written something that really inspires me and makes me want see where I can take my writing.

Today I went to a great double header at Loose Moose and it did another wonderful job showcasing the depth of comedic onstage talent here in Calgary. I was casting my play while they slayed it on stage and I only can hope and dream that I can create something as brave as they can in their few minutes on stage. I love going to shows and being in the audience, I have extreme gratitude for the things in my life that bring me laughter. But I always come away from a night at Loose Moose, inspired to create and be a part of that community of comedic talent.

I am really happy with the work I have done on my play. I have been showing it around and people seem engaged with it and think it is funny. I think it is a unique concept and I would love to see it come to fruition. I hope to come back here with some news of progress but until then I urge you to go forth and seize the day. Go after the things you want, chase down your dreams and don’t wait for anyone to hold your hand to make those things happen. You are mightier than you think!


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