Obviously Notorious – Calgary serves up another night of laughs


If you read my blog… ummm thanks and you would have also read my lovefest raves about Calgary’s best, worst and only comedy hip hop group Notorious. I have gone on and on about how funny they were but tonight their improv talent really shone through in their extended show at Café Koi. Previously I had only seen Notorious open for the all-star improv show Mixtape during Kinkonauts show week. Tonight I was lucky enough to see a bit more of their mad improv skills and fast witted talent. Not only did they drop sick rhymes but also created some awesome scenes that had the full house giggling in appreciation. It was another stellar performance by the ever consistent group. If you are looking for a unique entertainment experience in Calgary, I urge go check them out when they return to Café Koi, May 3 – it is totally worth it!

I was also lucky enough to catch the opening act from the newly formed Obviously Improv group, consisting primarily of former Improv Guilders (I think). The opening act was unique in just that it consisted of just female improvisers, which like never happens. They performed short form games that were pretty unique to most of the style that I have seen in the past anyways. My favourite scene was when they had one improviser read off a scripted play and had another player improvise the responses and of course the appearance of the famous improv baby doll. These were a bunch of badass women improvisers owning their stage time and it made me really excited to start my women’s improvising classes with super-talented Laura Tennisco, there are a few spots left in the class and I totally think it is going to be a blast, so push your limits and CHECK IT OUT!

The city seems a buzz with the amount of new fresh activity in the comedy scene and every venue, no matter how small or secluded, is filled up with eager and energetic audiences hungry for comedy and the boundless talent in the Calgary comedy scene continues to serve up a great variety of options. All you have to do to enjoy all the cool little pop comedy shows happening all over the city is keep your eyes peeled via social media and let the comedy scavenger hunt commence.


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