I left my apartment on a Wednesday? Thanks Kaboom Hooray!


Lately I have felt like a hamster running the big, bad corporate hamster wheel. The 8:30 am – 4:30 pm life is filled with deadlines, paper work, revisions, idiots and florescent lights. There is a robotic routine of waking up at 7:00 am, getting ready, going to work, eating lunch, then more work and then the glorious release of 4:30 pm. After 4:30 pm during the week, I usually head home do freelance work, cook dinner, workout, watch TV and go to bed. My spinster, corporate ass does not see much outside that routine during the week.

Today I was lucky enough to have a comedy ray of light wash over this glorious hump day. I finally found sketch comedy in Calgary! As much as I love my improv, I am a Saturday Night Live, Kids In The Hall, Second City loving enthusiast, who loves me a good sketch. I went all the way to Toronto last year to take workshops and watch shows at Second City. And I have been working on my own sketches for the last couple of months. In my last post I talked about the amazing class I took at Yuk Yuk’s, where I got to work with Kevin McDonald from Kids In The Hall and some amazing comedians here in Calgary. Many were from Kaboom Hooray who I had heard about from my talented and quirky stand-up comedian friend, Amy Bugg, before but had never been smart enough to check it out. There shows are on Wednesday and that’s Modern Family, pasta night in my sad little mundane world. However, my class with these amazing sketch writers intrigued me enough to escape my monotonous routine for one night and eff I am glad I did!

Tonight Kaboom Hooray opened me up to a treasure trove of entertainment and comedy that is gloriously new to me. It introduced me to stand-up, which I am a new fan of, and showed me that sketch comedy is alive and well in old Cowtown! The variety in standup acts ranged from headline topical jokes, awkward quirky deliveries and hilarious mini-rants. I have all sorts of respect for people who are brave enough and have the right kind of timing to own that medium. The sketches were weird a great way and made me laugh to the point of being the awkward snorter in the first row. Overall the format of the show was quickly-paced and highly engaging. It was a blast!

The night really inspired me to get out there more to check out shows that are new to me and maybe even venture outside my boring, soul-sucking routine to discover things that inspire me, excite me and most importantly make me laugh. I strongly urge you to do the same. We have had a long dreary winter that, if you are anything like me, has probably kept you hidden indoors a lot. Spring is sprung (or will soon) people, so get out your door and see what the city has to offer!

Check out the next Kaboom Hooray show, May 7 at Yuk Yuk’s. Yes it is a Wednesday! And yes, you can leave your house on a Wednesday!



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