I’ve got a major crush on improv … obviously!

Soul HappyYeah, yeah here I am gushing again about improv… sue me… actually please don’t, I am sort of financially vulnerable right now. Anyways, I was going to save this blog for after my 5 days of glorious improv binging but my experience today was so mind-blowingly amazing that I just have to release all these wonderful adjectives and verbs out into the blogosphere.

Today that amazing class I took with Mat Mailandt that I blogged about HERE had a class performance at the glamorous locale of Waves Coffee in the deep-south western suburbs of Calgary. Ever since I tackled my stage fright problem, I have been very eager to go up on stage and explore as a performer – so I was pretty jazzed about this opportunity. In the last few months taking classes offered by the Kinkonauts and Obviously Improv, I have honestly felt myself evolve and grow more confident as a performer and kind of a better, more socially functioning human being. I was really glad to have this chance to take what I learnt on stage in front of  a crowd of more than 9 people and test not only my improv skills but just like my overall braveness levels.

Before performing I go through this illogical rollercoaster of emotions that scares the crap out of me and invigorates me at the exact same time. Luckily my work day was heinously busy and afforded very little time for fretting, so I was only allotted the 40 minute commute to Waves to freak out. But then I got there and I saw some people from classes I have been taking, Mat and my new super talented teach Laura, and all nerves were replaced with exhilaration. I have spent years watching and being inspired by comedy. So it is so friggin’ cool to me that now that I got the eff out of my own way and just jumped in, I am getting to do it too. Alongside people who I have been such big fans of, to boot!

Today, even though I had a cruddy day at work and only one other person in my performance class showed up, it was like truly in my top 15 best moments ever. I got to do what I love with people who inspire me. That’s like all I want in this life…

I’m so excited that I have 3 more days of improv magic to be sprinkled all over my life! Stay tuned for incessant blogging about it all on Sunday y’all!



  1. ginnyebben · April 25, 2014

    You were awesome tonight!

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