Who needs self-help when you have improv?

Improv 1

If you read this thing, you probably know I am pretty culty and obsessive about the art of improvisation these days. My total consumption of said art has not just brought me pure and utter joy during my evenings and weekends at classes and shows, but it has immensely changed my attitude and energy in pretty much all aspects of my day. The lessons that improv carries about being positive, failing gracefuly, contributing and supporting your partner, have really given me the tools to let go of some old bad habits and create new effective ones. Getting the chance to work with different improvisers with different styles and levels of experience has helped me realize what can be created and accomplished when you walk into a situation enthusiastically, ego-free, ready to contribute and accepting that failure might happen.

I am a 31 year old nerd with a passion for comedy and performing but I by no means takes these classes and get up on the stage for any sort of fame or glory. I am totally encapsulated by improv for the last couple of months because I have got to meet good people, who just like me have a passion for comedy and cracking people up. I came for the good time, not the big time. I do improv and go see all these shows because it makes me feel good and alive and gives my favourite thing in the whole entire world… laughter. And if it ever loses that essence and becomes about one-up-manship and some vain attempt at glory, well then it would have lost its magic – and I love that magic too much to ever think of losing it.

Another weekend swept up in my improv addiction and yay for that!


One comment

  1. Janet Hildebrandt · May 24, 2014

    “I came for the good time, not the big time” – a spot on philosophical nugget for improv!

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