Improv Life Lesson – Make the most of the present moment

The MomentI have been feeling really restless this week. Not to get into all the details about the twists and turns that have been popping up in my life these days but let’s just say, everything is just dangling up in the air. There are possibilities of some really cool things happening, everything staying exactly the same and of course the great unknown. And yet no clear answer has really fallen into place yet and I am lurking around in this weird limbo… feeling a wee bit stressed and out of sorts.

In the past, this kind of waiting game has driven me to make some pretty rash and stupid decisions. I react without taking a moment to breathe, I want to control the moments in between to work to my advantage and have consistently ended up effing things up. Today I realized this is also a problem, I am working through on stage with my improvisation.

Tonight during the class and show at Loose Moose Theatre, I saw that the scenes that really worked with some of the more experienced improvisers like Ryan Hilderbrandt, Shawn Kinley and North Darling – completely supported the reality of the scene and their partners at a pace that the audience was totally engaged with. The room left in the moments of silence added emotion, gave room for their partners to react and gave the audience time to digest the story. They made me realize that the key to really good pacing is to not worry about the next steps or the past mistakes but to fully immerse yourself into contributing to the reality of the present moment.

This was a lesson I needed to realize for improv and life… seriously people, improv has all the answers.


Improv’s most obsessive cult member


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