Good stuff lies on the other side

New CouchSince January of this year I have been going full force with attempting to create a life I truly love. There has been progress in my career and with my improv pursuits and for that I am grateful. It has brought out a passion for life that I was lacking for the past couple of years. I have been genuinely trying to positively contribute to every situation I am in and work really hard to make sure that as much as I am trying to get ahead in my own life, I am also supporting the people around me in any way I can.
In the last few weeks life has dealt some setbacks and discouraging situations, and my mission to stay positive has felt like a lot more work these days. In moments like these my worrying brain takes over and I want to quit. An example of this just came up in my life again this weekend and feels like a metaphor for my whole life. After more than a year of needing to replace my sagging in the middle, old couch, I finally bought a new one. I first had to work with my parents to get out the old saggy one. It is huge and my apartment is filled with weird corners, small doors and glasses elevators. As soon I realized how hard it would be to get this huge couch through my tiny apartment door, I wanted to give up. But my parents are secret geniuses and I am a secret brute because the short, round Marston clan sure as heck got that couch out to the dumpster. And today, we brought in my new lovely, non-sagging couch. Today not only do I have a new couch but I have a sense of accomplishment and a lesson learned.
After months and months of smooth sailing on the weight-loss, career and improv paths, I have now encountered a few disappointments and setbacks. And my worrying mind often thinks that it is easier to give up than to go through all the trouble and see what is on the other side. But then tonight I go to a show and I laugh that joyful full belly laugh that Notorious always inspires in me and I remember how much I love improv. I remember how much it ignites my soul and makes me feel alive and I want to fight through these weird times and pursue this thing I really love because my heart feels like what is on the other side could be even better than a new couch.


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