15 minutes

IMG_3287Guys I am sporting a major case of the feel-goods right now. I am floating around in a state of bliss because of 15 minutes. 15 minutes of improvised stories and songs and joy pouring out of pores of people who have become very dear to me. 15 minutes of truly living contently in a moment. These 15 minutes were a relief to my system that has been worn down by too many personal and professionals stresses these days.  15 minutes took me away from it all.

Tonight my improv heroes Notorious were playing at Café Koi and they were kind enough to let the Kinkonaut’s STU group open. We heard about the opportunity last minute and due to scheduling clusterfucks we were unable to practice until today, the day of the show. I was bit nervous that we had no idea what we were doing, other than it being musical and improvised. But thanks to the leadership of one of our own (my good friend, Michael Harvey), the bravery of the small group of eager improvisers (Alex, Linnea, Mike and myself) and the last minute help of the gracious Kinkonaut Super God, Jason Lewis, we were able to come up with a mini-STUsical the Musical. This is something Linnea and I had talked about wanting to try since like day one of STU in September and to be opening for Notorious was icing on that dream cake. We spent 2+ hours practicing a format and making up songs over and over again and it was super fun and came together much more smoothly than I had thought it would.

Café Koi is an interesting performance space. The stage is tiny and the crowd is a mixture of improv fans and people just looking to enjoy the delicious Asian fusion food. It tends to get loud in there and you have to be very loud and make your presence known on stage to manage the crowd. Tonight the place was packed, as it usually is for most Notorious Shows, and my nerves were there but they were not beating the bubbling exciting of doing something I had wanted to do for a while now.

And then we got our 15 minutes… and we were all in that moment and present and we got the great location suggestion of the Calgary Tower and then, as far as I am concerned… magic happened. Words will never really ever fully clarify the feeling you get when you are doing that one thing that you love to do above anything else.  However, I can tell you that it has been 3 hours since that 15 minutes and I am still grinning like an idiot.

Life can be hard and filled with bullshit but if you find YOUR thing, all it will take is 15 minutes of doing that thing to bring you back to the reason you get up every morning and go on. 15 minutes reminded me why I am just so lucky to be here… lucky to be me.


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