Jump in

FullSizeRenderI am exhausted in the most content way. I spent the day doing something that is not a normal Andrea thing to do, bouncing at an Extreme Trampoline Park. For someone as prone to injury as myself, this was kind of a terrifying experience. But the motto of the last year has been to throw myself into all the experience that fly my way, so I jumped in (haha get it) and I am so glad I did because it was SO MUCH FUN!

The whole sweaty, bouncy day filled with laughter is kind of representative of the past year I have had. I have always been scared and worried about failing and getting hurt and that has lead me to hold back from doing like A LOT OF COOL SHIT in my life.  Last year, it kind of clicked with me that every time I had just let go and took on adventure, I had pretty rad experiences. I traveled Europe with a whole bunch of strangers that I grew so close with and had so many adventures with. I went to New York City, Washington DC and Boston by myself and had such cool experiences. I decided to go to improv shows and classes, I started being in shows, found a way to be brave enough to sing in front of people and so many other amazing experience. I did all that stuff because I threw caution to the wind and jumped in. And truth be told, for that majority of my life that has not been my personality at all.

But after years of being a scaredy-cat and missing out on so much, I am ready to experience what this life I have been given has to offer and not run away and hide anymore.  I want to try stuff because that is where the best side of myself lives. She lives in the adventures, creative production and performing. She lives in the moment and she is a badass bitch. This is who I am working to be like ALL THE TIME and I am lucky enough to be a part of a community that inspires and helps me bring her to life.

During this last Kinkonaut’s season I have learned so much from the coaches, the classes and the people I am lucky enough to play with. Every time I watched a show I took notes that have been gems from so many talented players I got to see every show week. I got to learn from gifted and wise guest instructors. And I got the opportunity to perform and that has helped me grow so much. I have been accepted by a community of people that are so diverse and talented and every time I am in their presence I feel so lucky to be there. I am so blessed to call these people my friends. This show season has given me so much; I found my voice, I am so much more confident and I am opening up to people after being a loner for far too long – I have found my tribe. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to be a part of such a fun, supportive, innovative and dynamic community and I am so excited for our summer adventures and all the creative rainbows and fireworks that lie in the show season ahead. Thank you for a fantastic season Kinkonaut’s!

Now… I … Sleep


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