Lessons from our first sketch set

SketchLong time, no blog y’all!

I guess I have spent the last few months doing stuff and that has made me too busy to come here and write about it all. Even with the Kinkonaut’s on hiatus this summer, the group was pretty active playing around with musical improv, new formats for the show season and oh yeah, RENOVATING THE LAB!

We also made our first endeavor into sketch comedy and a group of us produced, wrote and performed a 30 minute sketch set and three themed sketches for the inaugural Alberta Sketchfest put on by the amazing Bull Skit Comedy in Red Deer. We decided to take on this task with a month before the show. That deadline put me into manager mode at first which eventually turned into pure and utter panic. Every insecurity I had about myself as a comedy writer, producer and performer bubbled up and I freaked out and wanted to give up. Luckily I had the support of my loyal, supportive and immensely talented tribe to keep me a little sane and drag me back from the edge. We trudged through brainstorming, writing, rewriting, reads and rehearsal and got shit done through all the stress.

Once we got to Red Deer, we were warmly embraced by the lovely and friendly Bull Skit Comedy and their wonderful fans. Jenna Goldade, co-founder and artistic director of Bull Skit, has created a dynamic sketch and improv scene in Red Deer. She is as humble and hardworking, as she is talented and driven… a truly inspiring woman. Everyone at the festival was eager, supportive, unique and freaking hilarious and it was a true honor to play alongside them and watch and learn.

Our set was ummmmm weird but in a way that totally warmed my heart and made us all giggle as a troupe. Luckily, it made other people giggle too. We got a lot of great feedback and warm support and the lovely Bull Skit crew awarded us the Best of Fest award. After all the stress and nerves that went into our first ever sketch sets, this was a immense honor. The clock shaped like Alberta will forever be stuck on 12:16, the time we got the lovely award.

This project taught me a lot about myself, jumping outside my comfort zone and trusting the people I work with and my own instincts. It also reaffirmed my opinion that a good attitude enhances talent and hard work, while bad one diminishes it. While I will always try to work on producing shows to make audiences laugh, I also promise to always try to be someone people WANT to work with because of my commitment, work ethic and most importantly good attitude. I am taking this all on to create things to make audiences, my fellow players and myself feel good and add a little light and laughter to this world.

I want thank the amazing Bull Skit for creating this opportunity for sketch groups across North America to play together and being such gracious hosts. I hope that I get more chances to work with your warm, welcoming and dynamically talented crew. Thank you to my fellow Kinkonauts Linnea Ward, Jennifer Danvers, Rob Janowski, Josh Bertwistle, Dominic Pinney and Kaitlin Kirk for your contributions from your weird brains, your support of my weird brain and the super cool journey we went on through all them ups and downs. I’m excited to do more cool stuff with y’all.

I am eager to work more on my writing while finishing up my Calgary Improv School Sketch Writing Course with the hilariously meticulous, Jeff Kubik, and taking on more projects in the future.

I am also SO pumped for show season to start and to see what other things this amazing Kinkonaut’s group is capable of! It is going to be a great season. Check out our shows starting this Friday and Saturday night in the brand new LAB! Try something new and fresh to lighten up your day!


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