Spinster Chic

Hi Guys,

So here I am in Toronto. I have seen a few shows at the Comedy Bar and done a workshop at Bad Dog Theatre. There are shows EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK and I live across the street from the majority of the action. I am intimidated by the talent and experience out there but all I can do is bring who I am to this scene and see how it works. I plan on hitting classes and shows hard when I on my own next week. I have been itching to do something creative and write more. So I wrote this song and made a YouTube Video. I hope to do this more and more and I hope at least some of the time I can make you smile or even better yet laugh!

Hope you dig it!




Went to dinner with some family friends a few weeks ago and got asked if I came to Toronto to find a husband. Here is my response to the “When are you going to settle down, Andrea?” question in a little number I wrote for the Youtube. Enjoy my Sunday’s best Spinster Chic fashion!

Backing track borrowed from: BluntedBeatz


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