The City

Toronto skyline

The city is filled with people lost in their notes
Brewing new ideas and jotting down poetic quotes
Inspiration seems to seep out every corner street
A mystical thought with someone it’s meant to meet
It is hard not catch the contagious urge to create
The pen is your rod and the paper is your bait
The next big idea is the catch of every single day
Something fresh or observing old things in a new way
It took turning my back at the security I had on hand
To be drawn here to this treacherous but inspiring land
To deliver your ideas from conception into art
Often your whole world needs to be torn apart
And there alongside the rubble you’ll find your chance
To create the kind of life you want and take a stance
And inspiration and grace will find you like never before
All because you took the chance to walk through the door
So power through the hard days, even if there are many
Because what is around the next corner no one can foresee
Just move and explore until inspiration finds its way to you
Another day granted, another day to make your mark too
“They” say, it’s never too late to be who you might have been
But maybe up until now you have lacked the pure discipline
It takes to chase down your dreams and follow Plan A
To write that song, that book or the sitcom screenplay
So just start by putting pen to paper and letting go
Follow the direction the ideas choose to flow
And there you’ll find solace for years you thought lost
Every day worked will be worth it, even that terrible boss
For they armed you with stories and a unique point of view
And the undeniable fact that there is only one of you
I am chasing out self doubt and forging a new road ahead
Focusing on what I want and stop thinking about the instead
Some days I can’t believe that I am actually where I want to be
A major life decision not based on anyone else but little old me
I’m spoiled with time to read, try new writing and explore the city
Feeling self indulgent, sometimes lonely but ultimately totally free
I am excited that I caught this bug for writing in a new kind of way
I wake up excited for the songs I’ll write or what my characters will say
It’s a new life that is not always so easy but that’s a part of the journey
The steps I am taking to become that me I was always supposed to be


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