Hug a troll

Hug A TrollThe world seems to be brimming with hate in 2016.

I have had a lot of time to thinking this over (thanks unemployment!) and I think I know what is happening.

It is a troll take over guys. We were all getting ready for a zombie apocalypse, Y2K and shit like that, and we let the trolls take over. Seriously they are everywhere. They are all over social media spreading hateful, ignorant, sexist, racist, pointless opinions all over the walls for everyone to see. They are shooting up and bombing places all over the world. They are successfully running for president of the United States. They are making us all question whose lives do matter. Whether they are in their parent’s basement or on an international stage these troll jerks need to be stopped because they are perpetuating an era of hate. An era I have no interest in being a part of.

I know I am not perfect. I know none of us are, even the best of us have a hidden hateful troll inside of all of us at times. It comes out when we are stressed out, angry, envious and really just scared. It is fear with a sharp tongue and thoughtless action, that is our troll out and loose. I, myself, have spent far too long bitter about how people had bullied me and done me wrong in my life. I lived my life on the defensive. I did not let my inner troll loose on the world, per say, but I did sit with her inside my head, alone, worrying about people’s motives and hating myself. I closed off the world because I was angry and scared.

Time has passed and as I grow up I see the value in forgiveness, being open and showing kindness. My angry, inner troll retreated because I chose to focus on the joy in life and inside myself.

I honestly believe that if we can all do this on an individual basis, we can change the world and steer away from this hateful path we have all been forced on. So we have to put up a fight, and I don’t mean engaging in conversations with these hateful idiot hotheads. I mean very legitimately throwing love at hate. They use hateful words, we will use words of compassion and kindness. They will use violence and we will fight back with smiles, hugs and flash mobs. They will spread their evil propaganda and we will spread love through art, comedy, music and acts of kindness.

And next time you read one of their troll comments or are drawn into a conversation with someone hatefully ignorant, don’t let the heat of the conversation draw out your troll. The world does not need anymore trolls. This is your opportunity to choose to represent good in this world. So choose the side of love and show a troll some compassion, kindness and love. Heck, why not hug a troll? After all, there is just a scared human soul underneath all that huffing and puffing.

Keep fighting the good fight everyone. I have faith that we can take back this year from them darn trolls!




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